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Hawk and Co: Press



“Real showstopper...”


“ amazing job blurring the line between modern living and a traditional warm aesthetic that will remain timeless.”


“Designer Summer Jensen underscored this seamless blend…of indoor and outdoor.”


“RISING STAR. Keep your eyes fixed on Summer Jensen of Hawk & Co.  The fast-rising designer with the head-turning good looks is quickly gaining notice.”


“(The client) immediately put his faith in Jensen. The collaboration resulted in a model of openness and sophistication, with cunning visual motifs and rough-hewn touches such as oak floors and concrete columns – a sexy L.A. loft if ever there was one.”


“Some interior designers simply work on spaces.  Summer Jensen brings them to life with her presence alone.  Under the designer’s eye, even kitchens can bring sexy back; for an urban bachelor pad, Jensen created an environment that was both masculine and sensual.”


“Waterside Retreats: Modern California Beach House. In this spacious beachfront home, soaring windows allow for natural light as well as unobstructed views of the ocean. Clean lines and sleek finishes give the lot a modern edge, while a sandy color palette and rattan features keep the home's interior close to the water. Interior designs by Summer Jensen and Hawk & Co.”



“…an unabashedly pleasure-focused 80s fantasia Karaoke bar that you need to enter through the loading dock…Is this your typical hotel bar? In no way at all, we’re happy to say. ”



“This beautiful contemporary coastal retreat showcases Hawk's ability to effortlessly blend style while still remaining true to their core design values.”