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Hawk & Co is an interior design office that creates a captivating synthesis of aesthetics and psychology in the context of the built environment.

Summer Jensen

Summer Jensen


The Hawk & Co moniker pays homage to principal, Summer Jensen’s Hawaiian family roots.  The ka‘io, Hawaii’s native hawk whose radiance inspired the ali’i, or chiefs, to adopt it as a royal symbol.  The noble reference is a fitting one.  It matches Jensen’s dedication to her design sensibilities: contrasting light and shadow, exquisitely meticulous attention to detail and a deference to the natural environment. She feels, “Mother nature is the greatest artist”.  And with her bird’s eye view and overarching eye for intuition of a client’s understanding and trust, Jensen is in a design stratosphere all her own.




Known for inventive problem solving, astute project management and unparalleled client service, Hawk & Co's work transforms the built environment into emotionally engaging spaces by reinterpreting geometric hierarchy and seamlessly incorporating experiential, interactive technology. Sumptuous and provocative, the result of Hawk & Co's creative process strikes an iconic balance of minimalism and opulence.

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Initially, Summer’s career focused on hospitality design. She was captivated by the excitement of creating hotels, restaurants, high-end retail shops, and night clubs into all-encompassing and fantastical experiences. She gained acclaim for her ability to use spatial aesthetics to immerse guests and customers in lavish and theatrical wonderlands.  Summer led the interior department at Commune Design and was responsible for the wildly successful Juicy Couture flagships stores internationally.  She later worked as a senior designer at Candy & Candy on their landmark ‘One Beverly Hills’ project.  

In 2009, Summer went on her own and founded Hawk & Co, working primarily with high profile residential clients while integrating the functionality and gravity of her hospitality design expertise. Summer has worked with a multitude of architects including, Richard Meier and Associates, Gensler Architects, Shubin Donaldson, Mark Singer, Brandon Architects, and CJ Light, and have been credited with creating some of Southern California’s most opulent and luxurious homes.